Video SEO using Vision CMS

Video SEO may be a relatively new concept, however the use and optimization of multi-media online is the future of marketing. It is generally known that playing a video on the homepage of a website can help to reduce the number of bounces received by engaging visitors. But did you know that you could take that same video loaded to YouTube and get top search engine rankings for targeted keywords? This process can be done with hundreds of videos using our proven techniques to help companies dominate the web.

Three Video Statistics All Business Owners Should Know

  1. Everyday approximately 89 million people in the United States watch 1.2 billion online videos. (ComScore)
  2. 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)
  3. 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. (Social Media Examiner)

If these amazing number are true, then why according to Kantar Media are only 24% of national brands using online video to market to consumers? The answer is simply a lack of understanding on how to optimize videos and the importance of video SEO to their business.

If the knowledge of how to create a video is what holds you back, the Vision Smart News ® production crew has all the technical training required to produce a first class movie clip. Our video producers can create fully animated video, voiceovers and green screen shoots. Our expert team of writers can even help to script the video prior to production.

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