Law Blogs that Convert!

Since (YEAR) Vision Smart News has been working with law firms to help spread the word about their unique practice areas. While old school tactics like Yellow Page Ads and TV commercials may still be pitched as relevant ways of reaching a target market, Vision has proven that the fastest and most cost effective attorney advertising is online.

The use of blogs as part of a law firm’s advertising mix is approved by the American Bar Association. Blog writing can help an attorney be seen as a thought leader in their industry and the local go-to for their practice area. This will inevitably build relationships and draw in new clients. Legal blogs are also a phenomenal way of educating the public on a topic the law firm strongly believes in – such as the dangers of texting and driving or the effects of divorce on children.

Legal blogs from Vision Smart News are different from the typical attorney blog. When lawyers blog on the Vision Smart News platform, all articles can be distributed to top online news sites and index as news in major search engines. Blogging with Vision also gives law firms the ability to add images, PDF files and videos to their articles. Vision has also built social sharing buttons directly into their law blogs to help lawyers in spreading the word about each blog entry.

At Vision Smart News we review all lawyers for before taking on their legal blogging needs to ensure that no to law firms being worked with are in competition with each other. By giving practice area exclusivity in a geographic area Vision News engineers can give their very best to each client without compromising another’s work.

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