Google & Bing Paid Advertising (AdWords)

Why use Google & Bing Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising provide a simple, scalable solution that allows for month-to-month budget changes. Pay Per Click Management campaigns also show clear and measurable results that can be seen in graphs and charts for the visual learners.

Another benefit to Bing and Google Ads is the instant gratification. Unlike SEO, AdWords can start to convert instantly. Oxygen Marketing often recommends to clients that a search engine optimization campaign be supplemented with Google advertising until the additional spend for generating leads is no longer needed. This keeps new business coming in the door while SEO has time to create organic leads.

At Oxygen Marketing you’ll receive a comprehensive paid advertising blueprint based on your specific market and location to kick-start your program. In this report our PPC managers will help to determine what keywords to bid on and what results you’ll see based on the project budget.

Work with Expert Google AdWords Engineer

Oxygen Marketing works with Google AdWord Certified leadership team that oversees every Google AdWords & Pay Per Click Management campaign. This means that your project will be handled professionally, meet all Google guidelines, and produce results only attainable by expert engineers.

If you need an instant boost in website traffic, let team Oxygen design a Google advertising campaign customized to your unique needs.

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